Game localization

Game Localization

Russian & German localization

Are you creating exciting worlds and would like your video game to be available for German- and Russian-speaking gamers around the world?

I offer optimal solution – professional language localization of all games genres in various file formats.

Game localization is the process of translating game content and related documents, taking into account the game dynamics, as well as the regional specific features. This involves adapting vocabulary and grammar to make the gamers have the feel like the author originally wrote it in the target language.

Depending on the type of language localization, the game localizer performs adaptive translation of the content on the box, user manual, advertising materials, user interface elements, tutorial pop-ups, subtitles, descriptions, etc.

I will take care of preserving and unique appeal of your game, taking into account the cultural, religious, historical and social characteristics of the target country.

Language localization process usually includes:

• Analysis of game materials and selection of suitable tools (Trados, Transifex, Smartling)

• Analysis of the culture, psychology, traditions of the target market

• Creation and validation of a glossary in the original language (English, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese)

• Creation of a terminology list in the target language (German, Russian)

• Translation of the content into German│Russian

• Adaptation of content to the local time units, dimensions and postcodes

• Adjusting of the text to the string and dialog window sizes

• Adaptation and/or transcreation of the names of characters, monsters, objects, game locations, geographical names, events etc.

• Consistency maintening of genre-specific terminology, repeating expressions, abbreviations and non-translatable terms

• Linguistic testing and quality assurance

• Delivery in the same format as the source file (s)