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Website and software localization is the process of adapting software, mobile app or web pages to the cultural specific features of a usage area. The localization specialist performs translation of the user interface, applications, online documents (such as help files and web pages), menus, buttons, dialog windows and the related product files from one language to another.

For example, you might want to translate your eCommerce website from English, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese into German, Russian, so that you can market the product in the country of the target language (thereby increasing your sales). The localization makes your software appear as if it was originally developed for the country of the target users.

If you want to translate your website or software as a XLS, HML, HTML PHP, JAVA document format, I will gladly localize it using modern tools without losing formatting.

My localization process usually looks like:

• Analysis of materials and tools selection (Trados, Transifex, Smartling)

• Analysis of the culture, psychology, traditions of the target market

• Validation of a glossary in the original language (English, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese)

• Creation of a terminology list in the target language (Russian, German)

• Translation of content into German│Russian

• Adaptation of content to the local time units, dimensions and postcodes

• Adjusting of text to the line and dialog window sizes

• Consistency maintening of the industry-specific terminology, repeating expressions, abbreviations, product names and non-translatable terms

• Linguistic testing and quality assurance

• Delivery in the same format as the source file (s)

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