Localization QA Tester Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA)

One of the stages of website, game or software localization is linguistic quality assurance, which also includes a testing. It is performed by localization QA tester (also called linguistic tester) after the translating has been finalized. Linguistic quality assurance is required to detect linguistic bugs, that is, errors in the game or software. These are mainly bugs related to text.

The localization QA tester focuses usually on fixing of language, cosmetic, and compliance issues, such as grammar mistakes, the use of unidiomatic language, the use of incorrect platform terminology, typos, overlaps, truncations, “cultural bug”, the lack of a blank space between words or the presence of extra blank spaces or extra blank lines.

Any linguistic issues that may have been overlooked during the localization process are tracked, reposted and fixed.

When linguistic testing I use the suitable localization platforms such as Transifex, Poedit and POEditor. The platforms allow, for example, to work with files of various formats

I perform tests in Russian and German. You will find my language pairs in this website section.

If you have a ready project and would like to know the price of lingusitic testing, please visit this page.

To send a request with your expectations and wishes please use my e-mail address contact@translator-localizer.com or fill the contact form.

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